Cleanliness Amenities Program (CAP)

Students at Kovur School

Students at Kovur School

Sanitation is the hygienic means of promoting health through prevention of human contact with the hazards of wastes as well as the treatment and proper disposal of sewage or wastewater.

Sanitation facilities in rural and semi-rural areas are a huge problem in India. Though there have been numerous programs initiated by the government, NGOs, and other socially active organizations, there has been low impact on the Below-Poverty-Line segment. And open defecation is still a sustaining issue, which is a root cause for various diseases. Recent awareness and efforts relating to the Government of India Swachh Bharat initiative, have been gaining momentum.

Sanitation in schools is a greater issue especially for budding women, as girls have feminine hygiene needs. They would need proper toilet facilities with privacy which are not available in most rural schools. This embarrassment causes girl students to skip schooling or worse, discontinue their studies – which in turn affects their education.

To address this essential need, a new initiative Cleanliness Amenities Program (CAP) has been established by Empower Tamizhagam. We are building an organic toilet facility for Arignar Anna Government Girls High School, Kovur, Tamil Nadu, India to help the young girls face the world with much more confidence. This pilot project is intended to be a blueprint for wider scalability and replicability.

As sanitation, health and hygiene are basic needs of humanity especially among the female population, Empower Tamizhagam spearheaded this initiative joining hands with FERAS an international group (originally from NIT-Trichy) funding this project and Revolution by Design which will perform the overall design and building of the school toilets.

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